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Abhi Sharma MD

As a candidate with a non-traditional background, public sector work experience and zero quantitative coursework, Abhi overcame significant odds to get into all the 7 schools (US, UK and India) he applied to. He decided to join the Fuqua School of Business because of the school's Healthcare pedigree.


Abhi’s deep passion for helping B-School candidates started 7 years ago, when he was a second-year student at The Fuqua School. He conducted free information sessions for interested applicants sharing his personal experiences as a student and candidly discussing the pros and cons of doing an MBA. After graduating in 2013 he moved to Houston to work for a Tier-1 Strategy consulting firm where he continued to help candidates by holding free seminars and evaluating profiles of interested candidates.

He remained engaged with candidates as an alumni interviewer in the Houston area. In 2015, he joined the Admissions Board and spent three years interviewing hundreds of applicants in Durham, Delhi and Sao Palo.

Abhi has interacted with candidates from all backgrounds, walks of life, cultures, industries, functions, and positions. Because of his personal history with the school, years of collaboration with the admissions committee, and exhaustive experience as an MBA interviewer, he brings a unique level of enthusiasm, intensity, and insight to helping applicants bring out the best of themselves for this important step in the admissions journey.

Tyler was one the first consultants added to the team roster, largely on the strength of his diverse and unique admissions experiences.  He holds multiple degrees from Stanford University, where he also gained hands-on experience in both undergraduate and business school admissions.  In addition to consulting, he ran a multi-national project team for a Management consulting firm.  This international perspective makes him particularly adept at helping MBA candidates both from the U.S. and across the globe find their voice and shape their essays in a way that is both true to themselves, but also "reader friendly" for admissions officers.  

His greatest strength is honing in on a school's admission nuances and helping a client make that a central part of the application.  His ability to ascertain nuanced differences in question type and phrasing has helped us nail down every top program in the U.S. and globally.

Over the past eight years, Shruti has personally worked with more than 500 clients, and has helped his clients gain entry to every one of world’s top 25 MBA programs. 

Shruti is a guest lecturer for ISB and currently manages the largest pre-MBA group in the Asia-pacific area.  Through these organizations she brings her past experiences as a student and alumni interviewer for the ISB admissions committee, as well as her knowledge gained as a GMAT instructor to those seeking to gain entrance to top MBA programs. 

Prior to her current roles, Shruti spent nine years in various finance, operational, and managerial roles at McKinsey, Kaplan, and KPMG Consulting.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi (1999), and completed her MBA at ISB, concentrating in Operations and Entrepreneurship (2004.)  At ISB, Shruti held several leadership and volunteer roles, most notably with the Docs at war and the Entrepreneurship Association. 

Tyler Ellis 

Shruti Malik

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